Welcome to Leeds Kotlin User Group! We're run by Kotlin enthusiasts for people interested in learning more about Kotlin, and the Kotlin Community.

We'll be hosting out first event on 18th February 2020, at Sky Betting and Gaming Click here to sign up!

Our first meet-up of the year will involve a few lightning talks providing a recap of KotlinConf 2019, which was attended by some of our organisers along with 1700 other Kotlin developers. The talks will highlight the current state of the Kotlin Language, some of the great work being done in the Kotlin Community and finally other ways that Kotlin can be used.


  • State of the Kotlin Ecosystem and What's new - Adam Kozlowski
  • Kotlin Multiplatform - Robertas Setkus
  • Kotlin Serialisation: A viable Jackson alternative? - Alex Williams
  • Playing with WebFlux and Coroutines - Chantry Cargill
  • Kotlin Native - James Millner

After the talks we'll run an open panel to discuss some of the content that members of the Kotlin Community in Leeds want to see in future meet-ups!

There will be some free food & drinks too!

Click here to sign up!

If you'd like to know more about us sooner, or even get in touch! You can reach us on Twitter, we're available at @LeedsKotlin

Massive thanks to our partners The Stars Group and Fruition IT

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Kotlin Conf Opening