Who runs/owns this user group?

A group of Kotlin developers who are eager to share, listen, code, and talk about Kotlin.

You're sponsored by recruiters and companies? What's the deal?

We want to make the event as easy to attend as possible, this means sorting out decent event space, food and refreshments for our attendees. But sadly these aren't free, so we reach out to local companies to sponsor the event. We think these companies are pretty cool, and they support the developer community. We recommend you check them out on our partners page.

Why aren't you on meetup or Eventbrite?

Because they're expensive, and there are some evil T's & C's. So we stick to free services and aim to keep our costs down.

When we sign up to an event, what do you do with our names/emails?

We don't share them with anyone.

How can I stay up to date with your events?

You can follow us on twitter: @LeedsKotlin

I'd like do a talk/run a session, who do I contact?

That's great news. You could:
Send us a message on twitter @LeedsKotlin
Or drop a message on Slack.
... and we'll sort it out.